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Good wine, including non-alcoholic wine, begins in the vineyard and always with a good terroir, the best grapes, and a favourable climate for the grapes. Oddbird is Scandinavia’s largest producer of non-alcoholic wines and founded in 2013 by Moa Gürbüzer. As a therapist, she often encountered alcohol-related problems. This gave her the idea of offering people a good alternative choice in the future. Together with many experts and especially with the cooperation of very good winemakers, she managed to produce outstanding, award-winning alcohol-free wines. With its high quality, Oddbird proves that it is possible to disprove old beliefs and standards about alcohol-free wines. Even without alcohol, it is now possible to really enjoy a wine. With Oddbird’s wines, we dare to ask you the question: ‘with or without alcohol’. Do you dare too?

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OERsap means healthy earth full of life and is Demeter certified. This means that all ingredients are grown in a biodynamic way. Rich soil life and biodiversity are paramount for OERsap! In this way, not only we, but also future generations can continue to enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer. OERsap’s biodynamic farmers come from Flevoland. And that is not only wonderfully local, but also much better for the environment. All vegetables go directly from the land into the bottle. This way you are always assured of the best quality and taste, close to the OERsprong!

OERsap is wonderfully cloudy, that’s because we only lightly filter and pasteurize it after pressing before it goes directly into the bottle. In this way, the pure taste of the vegetables is preserved and as many healthy nutrients as possible are retained.

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GINAMIS is an alcohol-free distilled Dutch drink developed by two ‘amis’ from Amsterdam with a shared passion to develop the best tasting non-alcoholic drinks and share them with the world. GINAMIS is distilled in small batches and bottled in a traditional distillery in Amsterdam. Inspired by gin and awarded from the very beginning! The characteristic taste comes from 10 botanicals that are infused, distilled and then mixed with sand-filtered dune water. The most striking botanical is the use of dandelion leaves, which provide the sweet-bitter, peppery taste. GINAMIS is distilled with great passion and in an authentic manner. Mixing GINAMIS with a premium mixer (e.g., Lobsters tonic or ginger ale) creates a flavorful, mature virgin cocktail that will probably make you order a second! We are proud to announce that GINAMIS was awarded as the Best Dutch Non-Alcoholic “Gin” at the 2022 Dutch Non-Alcoholic Spirit Awards last October and was again the No. 1 at the Perfect Serve Bar Show in September.

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Sei Bellissimi

Sei Bellissimi stands for classic cocktails from the Italian tradition. Elegant drinks with a modern twist. The Bellini is the first release of this remastering. The project Sei Bellissimi wants to restore this tradition of remastering cocktails, with a touch of elegance and personality.

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Selati is inspired by the perfect symphony of vistas, aromas, colours and flavours of the Kruger Park in South- Africa. All powered up by Unbuntu, the unmistakable shared zest for life. Ubuntu means: ‘I am because we are’. As Tess Posthumus – Partner & Taste Creator of Selati explains: ‘ever since I was a young girl, I had a dream of being involved in protecting our wildlife. With Selati, my two main passions – cocktails and conservation – come together. Working side by side with the Rangers to protect our wildlife heritage is an amazing privilege!’ Take an unforgettable taste safari from the banks of the Ga-Selati river in the Kruger Park to the mighty African savannah. Revel in the unmistakable scents and flavours od Africa’s natural herbs, fruit, flowers, and botanicals.
In June 2021, after 20 years of founding social projects in South Africa’s most disadvantaged areas, Nic Jooste set out on an adventure that would change everything. Touching down in the Kruger Park for the first time, something awakened deep within. The vast, untouched savannah, the awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets giving way to a stunning milky way in the crystal-clear night sky, and the explosion of scents and sounds of the untamed bushveld all combined to create a connection that he had never felt before. He was home.

Soon after, Nic returned once again, this time with a team of taste professionals. What they found was a sensory smorgasbord ripe for the picking. The people, food, nature, and senses of Kruger inspired this team to craft Selati. And in return for the African bush providing this precious gift, the team made a commitment to support the Kruger Park financially to preserve this magnificent heritage for future generations.

But the best part is that this story has only just begun. The next chapter belongs to you!

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All our drinks always have a special history of origin. Charlotte is the founder and inventor of NONA Spritz. She was always passionate about nature and product innovation. As a little girl, she enjoyed making her own drinks from the herbs she found in the charming fields of a nature reserve close to Ghent. Growing older, her love for nature and interest in food technology has led her to finish HER academic studies as a bio-science engineer in 2017.

On a mid-summer Friday night during an afterwork drink with friends, she was looking for a non-alcoholic alternative for her favourite cocktails. The bartender served her a drink much too sweet for her liking. From that moment she started experimenting with herbs and botanicals to create NONA Spritz. 

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Mojo Maté


David and Lars are the founders and proud creators of Mojo Maté. After traveling through Patagonia, where they fell in love with Maté, they decided to create a new type of high-energy soft drink. Moja Maté is made from the South American maté plant with real fruit juice and raw cane sugar – nothing more. Sparkling, refreshing and above all, very tasty! They do it the way it should be produced in 2022: responsible, pure, without added junk and low in calories.

In addition to great taste, they find their impact on nature very important. Therefore, they grow their mate with great respect for people and nature, together with a partner in Brazil. A large part of South American agriculture is very destructive. Think of large-scale deforestation, mass plantations and monocultures, which unbalance entire ecosystems. They decided to do it differently. Their maté grows among the natural flora and fauna of the Brazilian forests. The maté leaves are picked by hand instead of large machines. As a result, the small animals, plants and insects that live there are not put through a deadly blender and their mate actually contributes to a healthy ecosystem. In this way they relieve nature and stimulate biodiversity.

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BOCCA is our coffee partner for a reason. They are the first coffee roaster in the Netherlands to master the entire bean-to-cup process: from sourcing to roasting and from packaging to serving. Coffee is an art and craft that should not be messed with. Their roasters know exactly how to get the best out of each bean – that ideal sweet to sour ratio we all love or the best and full potential of what is already in each specific coffee. Always 100% Arabica. It is also always the perfect roast and our coffees are available for espresso and filter. This brought Bocca a loyal following of individual coffee connoisseurs. For over twenty years.

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Som Cordial

James Beard Award winning chef Andy Ricker of Portland, Oregon’s Pok Pok created Som to enhance his highly acclaimed bar program, believing bold and complex flavors should be experienced through both food and drink. First introduced as Pok Pok Som in 2012, Som relaunched in 2019 with elevated new packaging and expressions. Som now celebrates the intersection of discerning craft cocktail enthusiasts and alcohol free beverages.

“More and more, people are looking for diversity in drink options that are complex, experiential and deliver a wide array of flavors – without alcohol. They don’t want to compromise taste, atmosphere or experience, whether they are choosing to drink alcohol or not. Som offers patrons the option of having a zero proof drink with an experience equal to the one they’d get if they were ordering a well made cocktail: a high quality brand, balanced sophisticated flavor, and thoughtful craft from the bartender.” – Chef Andy Ricker, Creator of Som

Our signature serve is a Som & Soda – one part Som to four parts soda water. It’s fresh and sophisticated, ideal for any setting that calls for a non-alcoholic beverage with complexity and bite. Som can also be combined in spirit based drinks to create adventurous, fresh and flavorful cocktails. Look for Som on menus at critically acclaimed restaurants and bars nationwide.

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The Mocktail Club

The beating heart of The Mocktail Club are the sisters Marie and Kaat Claessens. The story starts with Marie. When she found out at eighteen that she was intolerant to alcohol, Marie at first regarded it as a minor drama. But she soon turned that into something positive. In 2015, she started a blog where she shared recipes and inspiration for original mocktails. In 2017 she already bottled her first bottle. Barely a year later, Marie was voted the most promising entrepreneur in East Flanders. Since 2019, sister Kaat has been helping out with the business. Together they mix and shake with great enthusiasm and passion, from the first to the last drop.

The mocktails are all prepared with fresh fruit, herbs, spices and unrefined sugars. The Mocktail Club’s own studio is where the magic happens. It is the place where the sisters experiment to their heart’s content. The result is always new, unique and refreshing flavour combinations.

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Unrivalled grape juice from a century old family-owned winery in Sava Valley

In the lovely Sava River Wine Region, with its interesting micro-climate, Ana and Jakob Šušterič produce high-end grape juice from local varieties. Žametovka is one of the oldest domesticated grape varieties in Slovenia. When Ana became pregnant, Jakob decided to create her an alcohol-free drink made from grapes of the sandy loam of the Podvrh vineyard on an altitude of 380m. This winery has been in the family for over 225 years now! The result is an unrivalled grape-juice with tones of fruit, acidity & minerality, that combines well with various cuisines.

The grapes were harvested fast by hand in the early morning of September 13th, then gently pressed, filtrated and pasteurized before being bottled.

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With a history that dates back over 1000 years, JAMU is herbal medicine, originally reserved exclusively for the royal families, on the island of Java. Since then, various versions of the healing herbal infusion spread throughout Indonesia and other parts of South-East Asia. JAMU means “healing through herbs, flowers, and roots” and it carries multiple similarities to Ayurveda in India or Traditional Chinese Medicine. It focuses on a healthy mind and body as well as inner and outer beauty. The recipes, created from a variety of herbs and roots, are passed down for generations.

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The secret behind Fundo’s delicious stocks and fonds is there to see in plain sight: their chefs have a boundless passion for healthy and delicious cooking. Using local products and traditional production processes, Fundo makes stocks and fonds just like we would at home: never veering from the traditional recipes and with a good pinch of patience.

The Fundo guarantees are: made with vegetables, herbs and spices from local suppliers. All natural, without artificial additives such as odour, colour and flavour enhancers. Low in salt, (< 3 g/litre) and naturally rich in protein. Sugar free, gluten free, no MSG and no yeast extract. Suitable for keto and paleo diets. Slowly simmered over up to 48 hours! Also suitable for mocktails.

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Roze Bunker


The fruit butchers of ROZE BUNKER are a collective that can think only in terms of solutions and tackle the sticky problems in the soft drinks industry with a fresh look and kilos of real fruit. A syrup is only made if it adds something to a better food system. As self-proclaimed fruit butchers, we started brewing soft drinks from pure fruit and fresh herbs. And as artisanal butchers, we prefer not to throw anything away. Our berries are rescued from the container, we stimulate biodiversity with our herbs and elderflower, our citrus fruits are processed ‘from head to tail’ and we make our own glassware from our bottles. The best water is our Dutch tap water and we only have to add our colour and taste.

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This is THIJS-drinks, makers of the soft drink of the future.

We want to do better, for you and for the earth. The drinks they make are made with surplus fruit, naturally low in calories, organic and have surprisingly delicious flavours. With this, THIJS-drinks offers the better alternative to iced tea and specially to juice. It all started with Thijs in 2017. He worked as a chef in * kitchens and was confronted every day with mountains of food that were thrown away. Thijs decided to do something with it. Thijs inspired those around him with his mission against food waste and for change. A movement was born and now are expanding on the original idea. We believe that not only our soft drinks themselves are better, but also that everything around them can be much better. That is why we like to inspire us when it comes to awareness and making sustainable choices. You better drink THIJS.

Logo Pawr


PAWR – Ready for a healthier dog and planet? Happy partner of BeBumble!

With PAWR, we go leg by leg towards a happier four-legged friend and planet. Below you can read about the advantages that you will experience with PAWR. This way, you and your four-legged friend can strive for a greener planet where other animals can also walk freely in the meadow. PAWR has been developed by Rob, a veterinarian, and his daughter Fia. They care about the health of our dogs and planet. That’s why they created balanced food with the power of plants. Made with unconditional love, as we have for dogs, and based on science. Erik has translated his 15 years of experience in plant-based dog nutrition into incredibly nutritious and healthy meals.

Did you know that approximately 20% of all fish and meat produced worldwide goes into animal feed? An average dog eats 500 chickens during its life!

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LOBSTERS – refreshingly different. Lobsters Drinks may sound international, but it is Made in Austria. Behind Lobsters is a Salzburg company that has made it its mission to create natural soft drinks with a very special bitter taste. You ask yourself: doesn’t that already exist? Not in this way. With real fruit juice. WITHOUT artificial ingredients. Lobsters Drinks are a surprising alternative for conventional bitter drinks and for sweet soft drinks. Delicious to enjoy pure or as a refined mixer for classic long drinks and cocktails. Because the Lobsters Drinks are low in sugar and contain NO fragrance, colour, flavour or sweeteners they give the character of the mixer all the space it needs.

LOBSTERS = no artificial ingredients, no artificial flavours, no frills. But pure, natural and a damn good taste. Lobsters Drinks are the answer to the demand for a less sweet soft drink. No classic juice. No sugar bomb. Nor a strong bitter drink that few people like. But a new, completely unique taste. And it’s just great! In four delicious flavours.


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La Crau

Founded in 2018 by a classical violinist, this brand is the ultimate legacy of 15 years of expertise and passion for kombucha. The story began in 2005 in a Provencal cellar to produce D-TOX kombucha. In 2019, it was recognized by the EU as a food supplement: it regulates the microbiota and promotes antioxidant functions. Simply the only and the best in the EU. Fruit of excellence, Château de la Crau pushes the cork even further as it ferments about 30% more than D-TOX, the yeasts are filtered at 100% and fine bubbles are added to it. It is well worth the complexity and pleasure of a good champagne: roundness, acidity, length in the mouth with notes of citrus and wood. Goes wonderfully with oysters, seafood, sushi. Or just as an aperitif. This kombucha is so successful it deserves a tuxedo.

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French Bloom

French Bloom is the product born from the need of two young cosmopolitan French women, Constance Jablonski and Marguerite Frèrejean – Tattinger, to be able to have fun without having to drink alcohol. Their pregnancies were the reason for this, but more the desire to get out from under the social pressure that alcohol brings was the real reason. Hence partying without restriction, with serious, full-bodied drinks that really are a party too!

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Senza Tea

SENZA TEA is a tea-importing company from Amsterdam. They aim to give everyone, everywhere access to real tea. So, they select and blend the most beautiful loose-leaf teas and develop smart solutions that make loose-leaf tea simple and accessible. A drink can only be called tea if it is made from the tea bush Camelia sinensis. Other types of leaves, herbs, or flowers that impart a flavour are called infusions. But that doesn’t stop Senza Tea from making delicious herbal blends or rooibos teas. Loose tea has up to 97% less packaging than teabags which makes the price per cup comparable. Loose tea is also a great source of antioxidants.

Put instructions: all selected teas do well with water at about 90°C (80 –100), let 1 teaspoon (2 gr) of loose tea infuse for 2 to 3 minutes depending on your preference and the type of tea.

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Why peas?

Tiptoh loves cows and calves. So give them peas, because they are better for the climate. They do not require tons of water and emit a lot less CO2. With Tiptoh you have change under control. Because you reduce your ecological footprint. Down to a modest toe print, so to speak. Doing well!

Tiptoh wants to encourage you along every small stap taken to reduce your footprint. They want you to know that you are not alone. Everyone who does their best counts. They are not only there for vegans, but for everyone.

With Tiptoh you, as a consumer, steer towards a better climate. Because every small step counts.