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Selati is inspired by the perfect symphony of vistas, aromas, colours and flavours of the Kruger Park in South- Africa. All powered up by Unbuntu, the unmistakable shared zest for life. Ubuntu means: ‘I am because we are’. As Tess Posthumus – Partner & Taste Creator of Selati explains: ‘ever since I was a young girl, I had a dream of being involved in protecting our wildlife. With Selati, my two main passions – cocktails and conservation – come together. Working side by side with the Rangers to protect our wildlife heritage is an amazing privilege!’ Take an unforgettable taste safari from the banks of the Ga-Selati river in the Kruger Park to the mighty African savannah. Revel in the unmistakable scents and flavours od Africa’s natural herbs, fruit, flowers, and botanicals.
In June 2021, after 20 years of founding social projects in South Africa’s most disadvantaged areas, Nic Jooste set out on an adventure that would change everything. Touching down in the Kruger Park for the first time, something awakened deep within. The vast, untouched savannah, the awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets giving way to a stunning milky way in the crystal-clear night sky, and the explosion of scents and sounds of the untamed bushveld all combined to create a connection that he had never felt before. He was home.

Soon after, Nic returned once again, this time with a team of taste professionals. What they found was a sensory smorgasbord ripe for the picking. The people, food, nature, and senses of Kruger inspired this team to craft Selati. And in return for the African bush providing this precious gift, the team made a commitment to support the Kruger Park financially to preserve this magnificent heritage for future generations.

But the best part is that this story has only just begun. The next chapter belongs to you!


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Bottle and glass with non-alcoholic drink African Summer by Selati

Selati – African Summer – 75cl

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Bottle and glass with non-alcoholic drink African Sunset by Selati

Selati – African Sunset – 75cl

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Bottle and glass with non-alcoholic drink African Savannah by Selati

Selati – African Savannah – 75cl


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