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Need to work early morning? Maybe training for a triathlon. Pregnant. Dieting. Religion. Parenting. Designated driver. Sober. Whatever the reason, no explanation needed. BeBumble is there to bring you every great, mindful drink you need.


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Alcohol-free rose grape juice from Tajfl

Tajfl - 2021 Žametovka Rosé Grape Juice from Slovenia

It’s time to celebrate love this month! And how better to celebrate it than with a drink made out of love?

This Rosé Grape Juice was made by Jakob for Ana. When Ana became pregnant, Jakob decided to create a delicious yet healthy beverage for her: the Žametovka. Chosen for its acidity, minerality and fruit notes, this grape variant meets all criteria for producing a superb drink with flavourful and harmonious aromas. With its unique flavour and interesting heritage, this drink will warm your heart and colour your cheeks.

Gift box with two bottles, two glasses with drinks by The Mocktail Club

The Mocktail Club - GIFT BOX No 1 & No 5

Looking for the perfect gift to wow your partner this Valentine's Day? The Mocktail Club Gift Box is here to save the day! Best of all, it contains everything you need for a romantic evening in - two delicious mocktails and two beautiful tumblers to enjoy them in.

For your sipping pleasure, we included the No. 1 Basil & Elderflower mocktail, an elegant mixture of sweet and sour that offers a smooth finish. Its floral taste is sure to charm your partner! Is citrus more their style? The No. 5 Grapefruit & Vanilla blend will tantalise taste buds with its mix of pink grapefruit, black pepper and aromatic vanilla. Delicious! Toast to each other with a glass full of surprises. Complement your glass with ice cubes, pink pepper berries or edible flowers.

Alcohol-free sparkling rose wine by French Bloom

French Bloom - Le Rosé

With French Bloom’s Le Rosé you have the perfect alcohol-free alternative sparkling wine to add a royal flair to any romantic evening. It’s the ideal alcohol-free champagne for royalty, without the hangover!

This delightful drink has a complex flavour of rose petal aromas and juicy berry tones, with a refreshing wild peach finish. Make your nights special and enjoy French Bloom - Le Rosé! Every day can be filled with fun and festivity without any alcohol limits! Being organic and 100% natural, you know you’re getting top quality without any fuss. Ready? Raise your glass - no booze, just boisterous bliss.

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Alcohol-free rose grape juice from Tajfl

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Alcohol-free sparkling wine by French Bloom

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