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Need to work early morning? Maybe training for a triathlon. Pregnant. Dieting. Religion. Parenting. Designated driver. Sober. Whatever the reason, no explanation needed. BeBumble is there to bring you every great, mindful drink you need.


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Bottle of non-alcoholic drink Pineapple Sezchuan Pepper by Som Cordial


Happy New Year!

Celebrate 2023 with a bold experience: SOM CORDIAL's Pineapple Sezchuan Pepper.
Full of bold and complex flavours, SOM CORDIAL elevates your food and drink experiences. It strikes the perfect balance between sweetness, tartness and boldness. Pineapple Sezchuan Pepper is bright, sweet and complex, with a finish that tingles the tongue!

Absolutely delicious in mocktails: brighten your beverage with a taste of SOM!

Bottle and glass with non-alcoholic drink African Sunset by Selati

Selati – African Sunset

As the sun has set on 2022, drink in the new year with Selati’s African Sunset!

Get ready to discover one of the most exotic and uniquely flavoured beverages across the African continent. A flavour-packed spirit, driven by conservation! With its combination of rooibos, marula, and pink pepper, this delightful spirit is perfect for creating full-bodied mocktails. You won’t want to miss out on the deliciously complex and fruity African Sunset concoction.

Time spent sipping this drink is time well spent supporting conservation efforts. Get yourself a bottle of this wildlife-saving liquid sunshine!

Bag of whole bean coffee Gusto by Bocca


Start the new year with a jolt of joy! This organic coffee blend is packed with energy and a zest for life. WIth delicious notes of berry, honey, and milk chocolate, this fiery blend is sure to jumpstart your engine in the most delightful way. Whether you prefer espresso or coffee, this organic brew won't let you down.

Give yourself an extra boost on your day - the gusto way!

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Alcohol-free rose grape juice from Tajfl

2021 Žametovka Rosé Grape Juice from Slovenia – 6 bottles (x 75cl)

Alcohol-free sparkling wine by French Bloom

French Bloom – Le Blanc – 0% French Bubbly – 75cl

6 bottles of vitality drink by Jamu

JAMU – Vitality Booster – 6 bottles (x 50cl)



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