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All our drinks always have a special history of origin. Charlotte is the founder and inventor of NONA Spritz. She was always passionate about nature and product innovation. As a little girl, she enjoyed making her own drinks from the herbs she found in the charming fields of a nature reserve close to Ghent. Growing older, her love for nature and interest in food technology has led her to finish HER academic studies as a bio-science engineer in 2017.

On a mid-summer Friday night during an afterwork drink with friends, she was looking for a non-alcoholic alternative for her favourite cocktails. The bartender served her a drink much too sweet for her liking. From that moment she started experimenting with herbs and botanicals to create NONA Spritz. 


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Bottle of non-alcoholic spirit Spritz by Nona

NONA – Spritz – 20cl

Bottle of non-alcoholic spirit Spritz by Nona

NONA – Spritz – 70cl


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