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Our beliefs

BeBumble makes fresh and minimally processed food & drinks available, attractive and affordable.

Our drinks elevate your mood, sustain energy, and reduce stress.
Celebration without limitation


BeBumble is a new on-line store that gives your fridge & cupboard a healthy, happy boost. We offer over 75 functional drinks for pleasure and health, and full of nutrition. More and more people discover the positive effect healthy drinks can have on their emotional wellbeing. With our curated offering, healthy indulgence is possible. NO alcohol because we want to bring back pleasure without limitation and social pressure. Our drinks elevate your mood, sustain energy, and reduce stress. We are not here to restrict, but to help you create healthy habits and just to feel good.


We personally know all our product partners and visit them regularly to truly
understand how good all their products are!

We promise you:
⭐ No additives – no colorants – no added sugar – no sulphites – GMO / Gluten
⭐ We will never stop working on a fully sustainable product chain: from producer to your cupboard. Absolutely still work to be done!
⭐ We pay all our producers a decent price for their work and dedication.
⭐ In the near future we want to introduce true-pricing and C02-neutrality.
⭐ Food products will be added to our offering as from beginning 2023