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La Crau

Founded in 2018 by a classical violinist, this brand is the ultimate legacy of 15 years of expertise and passion for kombucha. The story began in 2005 in a Provencal cellar to produce D-TOX kombucha. In 2019, it was recognized by the EU as a food supplement: it regulates the microbiota and promotes antioxidant functions. Simply the only and the best in the EU. Fruit of excellence, Château de la Crau pushes the cork even further as it ferments about 30% more than D-TOX, the yeasts are filtered at 100% and fine bubbles are added to it. It is well worth the complexity and pleasure of a good champagne: roundness, acidity, length in the mouth with notes of citrus and wood. Goes wonderfully with oysters, seafood, sushi. Or just as an aperitif. This kombucha is so successful it deserves a tuxedo.


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Chateau de la Crau – 100% Kombucha Elixir – 6 bottles (x 75cl)


Chateau de la Crau – 100% Kombucha Elixir – 75cl


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