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GINAMIS is an alcohol-free distilled Dutch drink developed by two ‘amis’ from Amsterdam with a shared passion to develop the best tasting non-alcoholic drinks and share them with the world. GINAMIS is distilled in small batches and bottled in a traditional distillery in Amsterdam. Inspired by gin and awarded from the very beginning! The characteristic taste comes from 10 botanicals that are infused, distilled and then mixed with sand-filtered dune water. The most striking botanical is the use of dandelion leaves, which provide the sweet-bitter, peppery taste. GINAMIS is distilled with great passion and in an authentic manner. Mixing GINAMIS with a premium mixer (e.g., Lobsters tonic or ginger ale) creates a flavorful, mature virgin cocktail that will probably make you order a second! We are proud to announce that GINAMIS was awarded as the Best Dutch Non-Alcoholic “Gin” at the 2022 Dutch Non-Alcoholic Spirit Awards last October and was again the No. 1 at the Perfect Serve Bar Show in September.


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Giftbox with bottle of non-alcoholic gin by Ginamis


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Bottle of non-alcoholic gin by Ginamis



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