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Bottle of pomegranate-strawberry juice by THIJS drinks



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12 x 25cl


In our THIJS drinks, we use – as much as possible – residual fruit flows. Just like when we started. By this, we mean less ‘beautiful’ and therefore rejected fruit, but also surplus fruit for which there is no immediate destination, or juices that have already been processed and are in danger of expiring.

THIJS natural organic pomegranate with strawberry is delicious!

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Bottle of pomegranate-strawberry juice by THIJS drinks
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This is THIJS-drinks, makers of the soft drink of the future.

We want to do better, for you and for the earth. The drinks they make are made with surplus fruit, naturally low in calories, organic and have surprisingly delicious flavours. With this, THIJS-drinks offers the better alternative to iced tea and specially to juice. It all started with Thijs in 2017. He worked as a chef in * kitchens and was confronted every day with mountains of food that were thrown away. Thijs decided to do something with it. Thijs inspired those around him with his mission against food waste and for change. A movement was born and now are expanding on the original idea. We believe that not only our soft drinks themselves are better, but also that everything around them can be much better. That is why we like to inspire us when it comes to awareness and making sustainable choices. You better drink THIJS.

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