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Storage can for tea leaves, bag with tea leaves and tea filter by Senza Tea

Senza Tea

SENZA TEA – BASIC GIFT PACK – Herbal Chai + tea filters + storage can

Total price:16.00



50 gr

200 filters

1 storage can


Looking for a small gift? This gift pack from Senza Tea Co. is always liked. Herbal Chai is a fresh herbal blend that you drink throughout the day. With the biodegradable tea filters, you can easily make your cup of tea. Add a storage can and you’re done! Naturally packed in a festive gift box.

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Storage can for tea leaves, bag with tea leaves and tea filter by Senza Tea
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Senza Tea

SENZA TEA is a tea-importing company from Amsterdam. They aim to give everyone, everywhere access to real tea. So, they select and blend the most beautiful loose-leaf teas and develop smart solutions that make loose-leaf tea simple and accessible. A drink can only be called tea if it is made from the tea bush Camelia sinensis. Other types of leaves, herbs, or flowers that impart a flavour are called infusions. But that doesn’t stop Senza Tea from making delicious herbal blends or rooibos teas. Loose tea has up to 97% less packaging than teabags which makes the price per cup comparable. Loose tea is also a great source of antioxidants.

Put instructions: all selected teas do well with water at about 90°C (80 –100), let 1 teaspoon (2 gr) of loose tea infuse for 2 to 3 minutes depending on your preference and the type of tea.

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