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Bottle of non-alcoholic drink Rossino by Sei Bellissimi

Sei Bellissimi

Sei Bellissimi – Rossino – 6 bottles (x 75cl)

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6 x 75cl


The Rossino: Rossini without alcohol, so a Rossi-no! The Rossiono consists of the combination of ripe European strawberries, pulped and delicately united with Moscato grape must. The Rossino is also a perfect addition to brunch, drinks or as an aperitif.

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Bottle of non-alcoholic drink Rossino by Sei Bellissimi
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Sei Bellissimi

Sei Bellissimi stands for classic cocktails from the Italian tradition. Elegant drinks with a modern twist. The Bellini is the first release of this remastering. The project Sei Bellissimi wants to restore this tradition of remastering cocktails, with a touch of elegance and personality.

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