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Bag with dog food, red beet, carrots and beans by PAWR



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Gluten-free – 100% plant-based – Soy-free – Red beetroot, parsnip, beans & carrot

Nice to ‘beet’ you! Meet this colourful boost for keeping your body fit! The power of beetroot, parsnips, beans and carrots helps keep bones and muscles strong.

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Bag with dog food, red beet, carrots and beans by PAWR
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PAWR – Ready for a healthier dog and planet? Happy partner of BeBumble!

With PAWR, we go leg by leg towards a happier four-legged friend and planet. Below you can read about the advantages that you will experience with PAWR. This way, you and your four-legged friend can strive for a greener planet where other animals can also walk freely in the meadow. PAWR has been developed by Rob, a veterinarian, and his daughter Fia. They care about the health of our dogs and planet. That’s why they created balanced food with the power of plants. Made with unconditional love, as we have for dogs, and based on science. Erik has translated his 15 years of experience in plant-based dog nutrition into incredibly nutritious and healthy meals.

Did you know that approximately 20% of all fish and meat produced worldwide goes into animal feed? An average dog eats 500 chickens during its life!

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