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3 bottles of vegetable drinks by OERsap


OERsap – TRIAL PACK 3 FLAVOURS – 3 bottles (x 75cl)

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3 x 75cl


With the OERsap bag you can try out our three flavours!

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3 bottles of vegetable drinks by OERsap
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OERsap means healthy earth full of life and is Demeter certified. This means that all ingredients are grown in a biodynamic way. Rich soil life and biodiversity are paramount for OERsap! In this way, not only we, but also future generations can continue to enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer. OERsap’s biodynamic farmers come from Flevoland. And that is not only wonderfully local, but also much better for the environment. All vegetables go directly from the land into the bottle. This way you are always assured of the best quality and taste, close to the OERsprong!

OERsap is wonderfully cloudy, that’s because we only lightly filter and pasteurize it after pressing before it goes directly into the bottle. In this way, the pure taste of the vegetables is preserved and as many healthy nutrients as possible are retained.

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