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Bottle of ginger ale by Lobsters


LOBSTERS – GINGER ALE – 24 bottles (x 20cl)

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24 x 20cl


Drink more of what makes you happy. Be happy, it drives people crazy.
The Spicy One. Traditional, but modern interpretation. Seems solid at first, but then reveals its unexpected flavour aromas as a trump card.

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Bottle of ginger ale by Lobsters
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LOBSTERS – refreshingly different. Lobsters Drinks may sound international, but it is Made in Austria. Behind Lobsters is a Salzburg company that has made it its mission to create natural soft drinks with a very special bitter taste. You ask yourself: doesn’t that already exist? Not in this way. With real fruit juice. WITHOUT artificial ingredients. Lobsters Drinks are a surprising alternative for conventional bitter drinks and for sweet soft drinks. Delicious to enjoy pure or as a refined mixer for classic long drinks and cocktails. Because the Lobsters Drinks are low in sugar and contain NO fragrance, colour, flavour or sweeteners they give the character of the mixer all the space it needs.

LOBSTERS = no artificial ingredients, no artificial flavours, no frills. But pure, natural and a damn good taste. Lobsters Drinks are the answer to the demand for a less sweet soft drink. No classic juice. No sugar bomb. Nor a strong bitter drink that few people like. But a new, completely unique taste. And it’s just great! In four delicious flavours.


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