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Jar of ready to drink vegetable broth by Fundo


Fundo – READY TO DRINK VEGGIE BROTH – 8 jars (x 46,5cl)

Total price:25.00



8 x 46,5cl


At Fundo they make their drinking broths using locally sourced ingredients and lots of patience. That’s why they are so rich in healthy nutrients, minerals and vitamins that strengthen your natural immune system and deliver a significant boost to your energy levels. Their drinking broths mainly contain minerals that are easily absorbed by the body, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and so on. That makes their drinking broths easy to digest and good for your stomach.

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Jar of ready to drink vegetable broth by Fundo
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The secret behind Fundo’s delicious stocks and fonds is there to see in plain sight: their chefs have a boundless passion for healthy and delicious cooking. Using local products and traditional production processes, Fundo makes stocks and fonds just like we would at home: never veering from the traditional recipes and with a good pinch of patience.

The Fundo guarantees are: made with vegetables, herbs and spices from local suppliers. All natural, without artificial additives such as odour, colour and flavour enhancers. Low in salt, (< 3 g/litre) and naturally rich in protein. Sugar free, gluten free, no MSG and no yeast extract. Suitable for keto and paleo diets. Slowly simmered over up to 48 hours! Also suitable for mocktails.

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